Deep down inside, you know that life is meant to be amazing...

But do you find yourself scuppering your own efforts or believe that it's somehow for somebody else but not for you...?

The desire to seek the ever-better is imprinted within us all, and an old adage says that if you can conceive it, you can achieve it... but the doing of this - in all areas of life from relationships to health, from love to creativity - is frequently scuppered by an indefinable and inexplicable inner 'trip switch' which causes us to lose heart and become stuck.

If you recognise this frustrating cycle, then you'll know that effort, willpower and discipline are not necessarily the answer.  There is usually a much deeper core problem, and that is basically that your Mojo - or life force energy - has been compromised.

Let me explain : our basic blueprint is pure life-force energy, which was known as 'Kundalini' in the ancient world.  It is a natural and creative force which can be harnessed and channelled to give us :

More happiness and joy
Greater mojo
Vibrant wellbeing
Increased abundance
More success in work or business
Juicier, deeper. more harmonious relationships

But when the life-force energy becomes dented or depleted - due perhaps to overwork, worry, stress or negative lifestyle choices - then we become flat, listless and stuck.

My work is simply about unblocking this stuck energy.  

Using a powerful combination of ancient and modern healing methods, this is potent energy medicine that WORKS, enabling new realities and new ways of living to be birthed into being.

This may all sound rather 'woo woo', but rest assured, I have been working with this amazing energy for twenty years, and I can help you dissolve the blocks, release your conditioning and open your heart and mind to smoothly transition from where you are, to where you want to be.

Which of my offerings is right for you right now?

Consultations - in person or via skype, are for anybody who is seeking help and support for a variety of life challenges.
See the Mojo Magic and Relationship Coaching tabs for more specific details.
And you might be interested to dip into some Case Studies for further insight too.

Personalised Retreats to reconnect you with your inner spark.

Life Alchemy for transformative mind and energy magic to bring the life of your dreams to fruition.

House Whispering - the application of energy magic to facilitate the fast and effective sale of property

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