Life Alchemy fuses deep spiritual wisdom with practical mind magic to help you navigate life's currents in the most grace-filled, harmonious and spectacular way.

It is both a method of working with the forces of the universe and charting a 
self-determined course, to inspire, stretch, heal and transform, fusing discovery, spontaneity and passion into a way of life that is rich with possibilities and experiences.

It is a play of forces, some of which we control, and many of which we do not.  It is thus an adventure and a journey, a state of being and an unfoldment, human and Divine, timely and timeless.


It is not therapy;  it is alchemy.

Lynn ignites the creative spark within, drawing upon ancient and modern approaches including energy healing, meditation, body psychology, spiritual orienteering, visualisation and inner journeying.

The path is designed to dissolve limiting cultural conditioning and melt away everything that has ever made you feel small, or less than, or ashamed or unsure or unsafe, healing old wounds, and redefining the rules and expectations that have separated you from yourself, your wisdom and your body, to foster and empower your unique and ecstatic potential.

This work is both organic and holistic, facilitating the ignition of vital, life-force energy through a deeper connection with nature, and a greater sensory awareness of the elemental forces which surround us, to birth new ways of living and being which are fully aligned with your unique soul print.

For some, this may give rise to dynamic growth and new directions, projects and passions.  For others, it will be more about slowing down and finding peace in rest and relaxation, physical recalibration or emotional integration.   In short, it will give you whatever you need, and awaken within you a deeper capacity for a more compassionate, authentic and fulfilling engagement with life.

There is no right or wrong way.  It is not about fitting in;  it is about standing out. It is not about pleasing others; it is about being pleased with yourself and your world. 
It is about coming to Life.

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